Why Do I Really Need to Brand Myself?

Personal branding is extremely important for career success today, but most people simply don’t know where to start. A strong personal brand for you as opposed to the company you work for or the company you run can help to establish a way of opening doors and position you as a natural leader. What Are [...]

Why Business Professionals Need to Have a Good Online Presence

Employees of businesses may take their reputation online for granted because they assume that the greater company already has an established profile and reputation, making it less important for the individual. However, it’s an absolute necessity for any business employee to maintain a good online presence. It’s not something that should be neglected and it’s [...]

Why You Should Claim Your Business On Google Local Business Listing

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to think about all the various aspects of running a business where you need to have an online presence. Whether it's social media or keeping your website update, it's easy to lose track of all the responsibilities. That's why you might have forgotten about the benefits of listing your business [...]

Why Marketing to a Phone is Important

Why marketing to a phone is important… Most business owners today are aware of the importance of being found by their customers. The one-size-fits-all approach, however, doesn’t necessarily work. While the concept that more individuals are using mobile for research than ever before, believing that you should simply shift your general marketing strategy over to [...]

How Old Is a Law Firm’s Website?

How Old Is a Law Firm’s Website? There’s no doubt that many attorneys and firms are aware that they need a website. Some have even hurried to get one live with the realization that sans website, they are totally unable to compete in their local market. But an effective website is about far more than [...]

Pay Per Click Advertising For Attorneys

Pay Per Click Advertising For Attorneys Especially when you’re in a competitive market, which is often true for those practicing torts liability and personal injury, you need to do everything in your power to rank at the top of the search engines. The market can be so crowded in these areas that even when you [...]

Using LinkedIn To Get Referral Work

Using LinkedIn To Get Referral Work Arguably the social media site most geared towards professionals, LinkedIn is a great fit for attorneys. The reason is because there are many others in similar industries you can connect with on the site, but there are also a number of features that make it a great place for [...]

Why Does My Law Firm Need A Live Chat Feature?

Why Does My Law Firm Need A Live Chat Feature? If you’ve checked out your competition at all, you’ve probably noticed a trend: the “live chat” feature is extremely popular on law firm websites. If you’re without it, you might be wondering why so many of your colleagues have installed and what benefits, if any, [...]

The “Cold Call” No Longer Exists

The "Cold Call" No Longer Exists Gone are the days of cold calls. The Internet has changed the way consumers and businesses look for products and services. “The money is in the list” was great before the Internet. However, now businesses don’t have to call in a sales person to educate them as often. Most [...]

SEO 2015: Video- Are you streaming?

How Video Content Marketing Will Be a Post-2014 Game Changer I’m sure you’ve seen it: that little white triangle inside the red box, which is usually hovering over some video’s image clip. Sure, it might not look like much, but it is one extremely powerful symbol… And its influence is projected to explode, as we [...]