LIVE CHAT ICONWhy Does My Law Firm Need A Live Chat Feature?

If you’ve checked out your competition at all, you’ve probably noticed a trend: the “live chat” feature is extremely popular on law firm websites. If you’re without it, you might be wondering why so many of your colleagues have installed and what benefits, if any, are provided to a firm who uses this kind of contact tool?

Today’s consumers do a great deal of their research online, and that’s even true when they are scoping out a potential attorney to work with. If you’ve used your digital marketing effectively, a client lands on your site hoping to get information about their particular case or to get a question answered. This is where live chat appeals to the instant gratification desires of the modern marketplace- getting an instant response from somebody over live chat could mean that the client stays with you rather than looking elsewhere.

Having a live chat on your site is much like having a receptionist in your front office.

Both may accomplish some similar tasks, like greeting a client and helping to pre-screen them. Clients like to check out the law firm’s website and experience before retaining services, and your chat feature can help clue you in to new client opportunities but also help screen out some people who may not be a good fit for your practice. Either way, you’ve maximizing on the good and using the same feature to reduce the number of time you or other staff are spending answering emails, phone calls, or in-person requests for cases that are not right for you.

Many people will conduct their own research into your website without necessarily picking up the phone to call, even if your phone number is prominently displayed. Especially for law firms, which tend to offer free consultations geared towards forging that initial connection with the client, the live chat feature adds a dimension of service and communication directly on the page. The client can thus do his or her research by looking at your blog, social media, and web content (all also important in your overall marketing strategy!), but ultimately ask a quick question if it arises. If the firm live chat isn’t being answered by attorneys directly, one of the primary goals of the person manning it is to convert that question-asked into contacting the firm to schedule a consultation.

Capitalize on the demands of the market and install a live chat feature for your site.

Adding a live chat feature onto your website has many benefits, but you should also think of it as a service that is working around the clock for you. Prospective clients can reach out to ask questions and gain a sense of how your firm works, thus forming that initial connection that can be so important for working together. Meet your clients where they are at- and that’s your website. Let your website do the introductions but the live chat feature do the initial contact.