Employees of businesses may take their reputation online for granted because they assume that the greater company already has an established profile and reputation, making it less important for the individual.

However, it’s an absolute necessity for any business employee to maintain a good online presence. It’s not something that should be neglected and it’s worth setting aside a few hours to audit how you appear online and whether or not any updates are necessary. This can be of valuable use as an employee and as an individual.

Both for your individual purposes and for your company, it makes a lot of sense to have an online presence that communicates your goals and accomplishments. The image you put forth online can encourage people to network with you to open the door to new opportunities. It can also make it easier if you intend to switch jobs in the future as you’ll already have a fully-fleshed out portfolio in terms of your online presence and you won’t have to spend time scrubbing it.

Why Your Online Presence Makes a Difference for Your Employer

Small businesses can often be grown successfully or ruined by reputation alone. While one employee might not do damage to a larger company as a result of his or her actions that could lead to the business being discredited. The same is not true for small businesses.

There are several different reasons why employees of small businesses need to be concerned about how they present themselves online and what they put out there on a regular basis.

Top Reasons to Have a Great Online Presence

There are several reasons why it can make the most sense to have a professional online presence on and off the clock. These include:

  • Business success. Job security can also come in the form of promoting your most positive self on social media and online. Presenting an informative and interesting online persona can help your business’s customer see the company in a professional light as well as seeing you as a true credible professional.
  • Networking. The majority of networking today is now happening online. This means that your social media presence needs to be professional in the event that people from your workplace or connected with your workplace seek you out. In the event that you want to keep your personal pages private and not connect with any of these individuals in an online format, make sure that you have all the tightest privacy settings in order to ensure this.
  •  Growth opportunity. Establishing a professional online persona, not only transmits things to the customers of the business that you work for, but also to the managers and owner of the company that you intend to grow with the business and move into new positions.

Small business employees frequently have a desire to develop and grow within their field or profession. A great online presence that capitalizes on all of your talents, skills and your expertise can help to establish you as an expert and a great asset to your company.

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