About Stephanie

My name is Stephanie and I help businesses build credibility and increase their online visibility. I am the President of Media Driven Results and head the Elite Sales Team at Digital Law Marketing. For the last 17 years, I’ve helped provide my clients with full lifecycle support for marketing initiatives, including custom website design, digital marketing, social media positioning, and ongoing online reputation management. I’m an award winning law firm analyst whose dedication and drive has led my clients around the globe to see significant increases in their web traffic: I work hard so my clients can rest easy.

Three Important Tips for Online Branding through Social Media

Social media platforms are crucial to your online branding efforts. A well-crafted social media plan enables you to build and engage followers, demonstrate value, and learn about your target audience. With offices in Annapolis, Maryland, our firm works daily with local and national clients and businesses looking to build and expand their online branding through [...]

Why Do I Really Need to Brand Myself?

Personal branding is extremely important for career success today, but most people simply don’t know where to start. A strong personal brand for you as opposed to the company you work for or the company you run can help to establish a way of opening doors and position you as a natural leader. What Are [...]

Why Business Professionals Need to Have a Good Online Presence

Employees of businesses may take their reputation online for granted because they assume that the greater company already has an established profile and reputation, making it less important for the individual. However, it’s an absolute necessity for any business employee to maintain a good online presence. It’s not something that should be neglected and it’s [...]

Why You Should Claim Your Business On Google Local Business Listing

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to think about all the various aspects of running a business where you need to have an online presence. Whether it's social media or keeping your website update, it's easy to lose track of all the responsibilities. That's why you might have forgotten about the benefits of listing your business [...]

The Importance of Utilizing Videos in your Social Media Campaign

You may have already accepted that imagery is an essential component of social media marketing today. With so much text and information uploaded online every second of every day, it's easy to feel like you're bombarded with information. Readers Suffer From Information Overload Too Imagine, from this perspective that your readers, too, are likely experiencing [...]

Why Your Company Should Be Paying Attention to YouTube

Have you been holding off on using YouTube for your business because you think it’s too difficult? Perhaps because you don’t know how to get started? Or you’re unsure of what kind of content is most likely to intrigue your audience? Never fear- Media Driven Results is here! Why YouTube Amidst So Many Options? There [...]

Looking to Reach the Kind of Audience Tapped by Television? Consider Both YouTube and Facebook

Why You Need YouTube and Facebook in a Marketing Campaign It turns out that a holistic approach to social media sites like YouTube ad Facebook can be beneficial for advertisers. Up until this point, advertising dollars have been primarily diverted towards television as a result of the potential reach. The daily reach of YouTube however, [...]

Social Media Helps Promote Buying Habits?

How Do Images on Social Media Help Promote Buying Habits? There is a plethora of information out there about the approach you should take related to your social media marketing. Reading a quick article about social media marketing can lead into several hours spent feeling overwhelmed by the volumes of information suggesting various tactics to [...]

Why Marketing to a Phone is Important

Why marketing to a phone is important… Most business owners today are aware of the importance of being found by their customers. The one-size-fits-all approach, however, doesn’t necessarily work. While the concept that more individuals are using mobile for research than ever before, believing that you should simply shift your general marketing strategy over to [...]