Portrait of young happy woman sharing her travel vacation photoHow Do Images on Social Media Help Promote Buying Habits?

There is a plethora of information out there about the approach you should take related to your social media marketing. Reading a quick article about social media marketing can lead into several hours spent feeling overwhelmed by the volumes of information suggesting various tactics to help you get the most out of your marketing. In order to succeed in this competitive landscape, you need to have a well-developed method for targeting your customers and encouraging them to build a relationship with you. One of the most effective ways to do this is by using images in your social media.

Content Can Be Overwhelming

Whether it is through email, social media, or websites, the volume of text content on the Internet is growing at an ever increasing rate. As such, it’s easy for your customers to feel overwhelmed or disconnected from the companies they engage with when the marketing methods rely strictly on text. Images help to break up text, draw in a user’s initial interest, and add visual appeal to text documents. Recognizing that content can be overwhelming from your own perspective might help you understand the importance of using images in your social media.

Short Attention Spans

In part due to the high volumes of information that pass in front of customers on a daily basis, the majority of readers have very short attention spans. Getting and staying in front of your readers is essential for long-term success, but overwhelming them with too much content and too few images can be detrimental to your marketing goals.

Images Are Emotional

Images have a great emotional factor behind them. The right picture can bring out or enhance emotions in humans like hate, discussed, joy, or even compassion. This is certainly nothing new to anyone who has ever seen a political ad, but it’s also just as valuable for everyone from small businesses to lawyers and law firms marketing their services. Images can have a major impact on the customer’s decision to buy simply because of the emotions that are triggered by looking at that image.

The Catalog Layout

More businesses are recognizing the importance of including the right kind of images alongside their content. Google+ and Facebook, for example, have enhanced their layouts to be image centric, and the popularity of Pinterest, a social media site based largely on images, only continues to grow. As a brief example, Facebook posts that include photos get 150 percent more “likes” than posts with just text.

Images Boost Your SEO

When used properly, your images are actually a separate tool to help you bring customers to your site. You can increase the chances of your exposure to a client because an image has separate metadata than the text content. This can lead to a distinct search result from the same location, doubling your chances of interacting with a new client. Once the client lands on your page and sees that the comprehensive strategy of content and images is meshed throughout your site and blog, the chances of the customer working with you are even higher.


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