Social media platforms are crucial to your online branding efforts. A well-crafted social media plan enables you to build and engage followers, demonstrate value, and learn about your target audience.

With offices in Annapolis, Maryland, our firm works daily with local and national clients and businesses looking to build and expand their online branding through the positive messaging, relationship building, and reciprocity of social media.  Our team creates effective online marketing strategies for companies and clients looking to build a recognizable identity and voice. So we have a pretty good idea of the issues and benefits associated with using social media.

Your job is to nurture and grow your key capabilities and services. Our job is to advise you on effective online branding strategies that help your business achieve continued success.  Online, in Maryland, or elsewhere, we work with you to develop the brand that speaks for you on social media.

How to achieve effective online branding via social media

When you start thinking about what you might do with social media, consider these three important tips:

  1. Make good platform decisions: For individuals, organizations, and businesses, there are a wide range of social media outlets you can use to achieve a variety of marketing and branding goals. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn are just some of the online outlets that enable you to engage your audience. As you develop a social media strategy, consider the audience and demographic attracted to each platform and how that relates to your objectives. While it may seem like a good idea to create a profile on each outlet, keep in mind that using any social media platform requires an ongoing engagement of resources. In other words, choose wisely and maintain your presence only on those platforms that are most effective for you.
  2. Consistency counts: At the outset of a social media campaign, a company may choose to focus on a website, Facebook, and Twitter.  Another business could choose a website, LinkedIn, and YouTube.  As you think about the platforms that attract the audience you want to engage, you need to ensure that your images, messaging, and branding is highly consistent across each platform. This means each profile should have the same look, feel, and tone.
  3. Response time rules: In addition to regularly updating each social media profile you create, it is critical that you have resources in place to respond quickly to followers or consumers with a comment—or a complaint. Oftentimes a fast online response, especially to an unhappy consumer, can quell a larger social media storm while giving you a chance to demonstrate leadership and high quality service. Many individuals, companies, and institutions use Google Alerts to notify them when an identified topic, trend, or name shows up in Google search results.  This service gives you a heads-up when you, or your company, is mentioned online and gives you the opportunity to quickly and effectively respond.

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