You may have already accepted that imagery is an essential component of social media marketing today. With so much text and information uploaded online every second of every day, it’s easy to feel like you’re bombarded with information.

Readers Suffer From Information Overload Too

Imagine, from this perspective that your readers, too, are likely experiencing information overload. While static imagery has been an important way to engage with your customers and break up the heavy chunks of text often found on social media sites like Facebook, videos are growing significantly across all social media platforms.

Think about your own feeds and notifications over the course of the day. While images ruled the roost for quite some time, videos are definitely picking up traction as the most popular way to share information. Videos allow your customers to get to know you and your business on a deeper level and it also rewards them for being connected to your business via social media.

Giving Your Followers a Backstage Pass with Social Media

A video feed that’s only visible to followers, for example, gives your customers a backstage pass and makes them feel exclusive. This is a great way to increase engagement and tell what your audience is most interested in very quickly, too!

Snapchat and Facebook, for example, both have more than 8 billion daily video views and live broadcasting is becoming increasingly popular across a whole range of industries in the United States. Any brand that isn’t thinking about the benefits of creating video and promoting it on social media is simply missing out.

Partnering with the Pros for Social Media

The good news is that gone are the days when you needed to be a huge company with a lot of resources to be able to produce video. For a relatively inexpensive cost and investment of your time, you can begin producing videos that can be shared with multiple social media channels. For example, you might use YouTube as the hallmark of your online video content. When you upload a new video each week though, this can also be shared through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels.

Video is an excellent way to interact with your potential clients and customers because they get the opportunity to see you in action. They hear your voice and become more familiar with your personality as you are providing valuable details. When it works in conjunction with other social media strategies, video can be an important and essential component of success with social media today.  

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