Paid search marketingPay Per Click Advertising For Attorneys

Especially when you’re in a competitive market, which is often true for those practicing torts liability and personal injury, you need to do everything in your power to rank at the top of the search engines. The market can be so crowded in these areas that even when you have a comprehensive marketing and web strategy, pay per click advertising is a “must do” so that you can rank towards the top of Google.

Google Adwords, Microsoft AdCenter, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Facebook Pay Per Click Advertising

There are several different kinds of Pay Per Click advertising, since it’s not limited to Google alone. Google Adwords, Microsoft AdCenter, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Facebook Pay Per Click Advertising are all examples of this kind of marketing tool. Google Adwords, however, is far and away the most important one for attorneys at this time. Adsense and Adwords also have additional options like cost-per-thousand-impressions or “cost per click” ads that show up as image or text ads on third party sites.

The Bottom Line Behind Pay Per Click Advertising For Attorneys

The bottom line behind pay per click advertising for attorneys is that more clients are turning to search engines to determine the best fit for their needs. As law firms also increase their budgets for internet marketing in response to this behavior, the average cost “per click” has gotten much higher.

It’s important to remember that pay per click only works in conjunction with a quality site. Even a well-sponsored link that leads customers to your site could mean that you lose them if your design is not top notch or if the content simply isn’t there. That’s why attorneys should consider using pay per click advertising as part of a broader, comprehensive approach towards internet marketing. Informative content is a must. Many attorneys choose to do this with their basic web content but also with a blog and social media marketing. Working together, these elements can be a good step in the right direction for keeping that traffic on your page to begin with.

But these comprehensive approaches have yet another benefit. Even though pay per click might be helping you achieve those immediate clicks that push you to the top of Google, an “all over” approach in terms of web content that is consistent and informative does quite a bit towards increasing your search engine rankings, too. You’re essentially killing two birds with one stone.

All Marketing Efforts Coming Together

To capitalize on programs like pay per click, they must be working alongside your law firm’s other marketing efforts. No longer can a “one shot” effort like a pay per click campaign reap the rewards that you seek. It must be considered in the broader context of all the tools put into place for a successful internet marketing campaign. When used properly, pay per click can be an important piece of your overall law firm web marketing strategy, but it certainly should not be your only effort.