COLD CallsThe “Cold Call” No Longer Exists

Gone are the days of cold calls. The Internet has changed the way consumers and businesses look for products and services. “The money is in the list” was great before the Internet. However, now businesses don’t have to call in a sales person to educate them as often. Most companies now narrow down their search online, then call in the sales person.

Referrals, email marketing and utilizing social networking tools are the best way to go. Becoming that consultant and “educator” over just the person that wants to make the sale. Adding value to your clients business.

Tips for List Building:
1- Identify businesses like your current clients, so you are able to tell a story they can relate to.
2- Ask your current clients for referrals or business partners they work with that could utilize the same service. People like to help people.
3- Use the Internet! More specifically directories that are industry specific.
4- LinkedIn- Validate the lead and see if you have any current connections.
5- Always work on your list. It’s never finished.


How to Approach Leads:
-Provide value
-Be Persistent, but not desperate
-Be consistent and have a method in place.
-Use multiple platforms….email, LinkedIn, call, text
-When speaking with the prospect, remember that its about how my product or service can help them.


For more information, please read this article where I was cited as a resource.