Internet Concept on LaptopHow Old Is a Law Firm’s Website?

There’s no doubt that many attorneys and firms are aware that they need a website. Some have even hurried to get one live with the realization that sans website, they are totally unable to compete in their local market. But an effective website is about far more than just having something on a page. In many cases, attorneys might not realize the true influence of their website.

The website must be appealing, full of well-written and informative content, responsive, and easy to read. A “static” website with just basic web content is unlikely to rank well in search engines, and it’s also likely to put off clients looking at your site for the first time.

Your Website is a Reflection of How You Do Business

Your website is not just a reflection of your law firm, it’s a reflection of how you choose to promote yourself in the community. A client has to feel that your firm can be trusted before engaging with you, and one way to get your foot in the door with a new client is to develop a website that is interesting, well-balanced, and fresh. If your website design was put together 4-8 years ago, just imagine how many general advances in technology have happened since then. It’s a great opportunity to have a fresh style and approach brought in so that you can capitalize on the newest trends and capabilities.

In the past, it was simply enough to have one of these static sites, but the internet marketing industry for attorneys and firms has gotten extremely competitive. A website is just one piece of the puzzle, but it’s a critical one. Think about how many firms are listed just on the first page of Google. A bad or outdated website could lead clients to hit “back” quickly and check out the next site.

Would You Trust You?

It’s all about trust, and your website has to reflect that you are a leader in the industry and that you want to put forth the most professional image possible. In just a few years, a firm’s website can become very outdated due to the fast pace of technological advances. Even small details like color schemes or blog formats could unknowingly be turning potential clients away.

Find Out If Your Website Is Hurting or Helping Your Business

One option to consider how old your design is involves having an audit done. An outside audit may reveal what’s working and what isn’t. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to implement some basic upgrades that give your website a totally new look alongside enhanced functionality. If it’s been awhile since you’ve looked at the firm website in the perspective of the broader scheme of Internet marketing, it could be time for a total reboot.

A fresh design can enhance your existing efforts but also allow you to keep potential clients on the page longer, thus increasing the chances that they will fill out your contact form or call you directly. Call or contact us today! We can help.