Why Does My Law Firm Need A Live Chat Feature?

Why Does My Law Firm Need A Live Chat Feature? If you’ve checked out your competition at all, you’ve probably noticed a trend: the “live chat” feature is extremely popular on law firm websites. If you’re without it, you might be wondering why so many of your colleagues have installed and what benefits, if any, [...]

The “Cold Call” No Longer Exists

The "Cold Call" No Longer Exists Gone are the days of cold calls. The Internet has changed the way consumers and businesses look for products and services. “The money is in the list” was great before the Internet. However, now businesses don’t have to call in a sales person to educate them as often. Most [...]

SEO 2015: Video- Are you streaming?

How Video Content Marketing Will Be a Post-2014 Game Changer I’m sure you’ve seen it: that little white triangle inside the red box, which is usually hovering over some video’s image clip. Sure, it might not look like much, but it is one extremely powerful symbol… And its influence is projected to explode, as we [...]

3 Common Social Media Mistakes That Could Kill Your Credibility

3 Common Social Media Mistakes That Could Kill Your Credibility Harnessing the social web is one of the fastest ways to put your online presence on the map. There are three basic reasons why companies use social media to boost their traffic and engage audiences: Social media is viral by nature, which means that posting [...]

Essential: LinkedIn for Business Lawyers

I am well aware that having a practice keeps you busy… Ok that was an understatement -it keeps you extremely busy. But there’s a balance that you have to handle, from which no attorney is exempt. Especially for business law firms, you might have a hefty caseload today; but months from now, it’s going to [...]

Would You Hire You?

I said this before, I’ll say it again… In the world of the web, successfully winning over a client is not a matter of how wonderful your company actually is in the real world. It comes down to a matter of seconds. You could have a search engine visitor come to your homepage, and if [...]

You Need to Be Your Biggest Fan

The clock starts, the moment a visitor sees your website for the first time...And you DON’T have minutes to hold their attention have seconds. 10-20 seconds to be exact. That’s why you can’t waste a single moment to brag like a feather-weight boxer on HBO, holding nothing back about why you are THE best [...]