wooden gavel on laptopI am well aware that having a practice keeps you busy…

Ok that was an understatement –it keeps you extremely busy. But there’s a balance that you have to handle, from which no attorney is exempt. Especially for business law firms, you might have a hefty caseload today; but months from now, it’s going to start looking conspicuously light. I guarantee it.

But have you updated your LinkedIn account lately?

Do you even HAVE a LinkedIn account??

If you haven’t visited your own LinkedIn account since you passed the bar (or if it’s just non-existent), then you are cheating yourself out of a massively convenient, lucrative referral resource. To put it plainly, you might as well win a ten grand on a scratch ticket, and then stash it in your argyle sock drawer.

The LinkedIn Rundown

LinkedIn is basically a social media site, crafted specifically for professionals. Here’s just a quick refresher on what it can do…

  • Allows you network easily with other pros like you
  • Helps you connect with people and companies that pertain to your industry
  • Is a resource for pertinent updates, news, and articles
  • Gives career climbers a global community for opportunities

So, how does this help business lawyers specifically? Therein lies the kicker.

Just take a look at who uses LinkedIn, and you’ll find that most attorneys don’t even realize there’s a lotto ticket in the sock drawer.

Uniquely Fortuitous: Where ALL Business Attorneys Should Market Themselves

Here’s an infographic on LinkedIn demographics: LinkHumans.com

If you pay special attention to the industries listed on the bar chart near the bottom, you will find that the vast majority of LinkedIn users are in business categories, like finance, corporate, manufacturing -with the lionshare, held by hi-tech.

As for LinkedIn users in the legal industry?

They’re second from the bottom with just shy of 1.5 million users. And no, that’s not just in the US …that’s globally, and out of the total 100 million users. Only one other listed industry has fewer users on LinkedIn, and that’s agriculture!

So let’s just realize the ramifications here: other industries (your potential clients) outnumber the legal industry (your competition) by 100 to 1.5. …essentially, on LinkedIn, you have no competition. This is why business lawyers, who don’t harness this no-brainer of an opportunity, quite frankly, baffle me.

You’ve GOT to get active on LinkedIn, because it could be the best marketing resource that will ever exist for you and your firm.

Are You LinkedIn-Optimized?

Forbes recently published a piece on LinkedIn, talking about how well the site had worked for one professional …who just so happened to be an attorney. After the demographical data I just discussed, is it any wonder why he’d achieve these dumbfoundingly stellar results? Quote and I quote:

“Within those few weeks he had referrals worth $12,000 in billable hours that he would not have had without his 3-5 hour LinkedIn campaign. That represents a 8-10x ROI on the time he dedicated to it.”

If you liked what you just heard, then here’s what you’ve got to do to get these kinds of results:

  • Optimize your attorney website first (because your traffic has to flow somewhere).
  • Update your profile to being 100% complete and current
  • Regularly post status updates and links to your company blog to generate buzzing in the news feed (2-3 times per week)
  • Add practice areas and services
  • Find and ‘connect’ with your target companies
  • Join and participate in groups
  • Answer questions to show your expertise

When the Pro Go Social, Your Social Has To Turn Pro

This little marketing hack about LinkedIn for business lawyers is not going to be a secret for long. Eventually, your competitors are going to catch on -because, believe me, golden opportunities like this tend to draw attention. Having read this post, don’t kick yourself months down the road when your caseload starts looking slim again. Cast your line where the fish are… and not where all the other fishermen are.